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Unbraided hose can extend axially when enough pressure is applied. To stop this from happening, an extra layer of SS wire braid is used. It gives pipe the needed capability to withstand the pressure. Vallabh Engineers is one of the most illustrious SS Wire Braided Hose Manufacturers In Vadodara. Our company is dedicated to manufacture and deliver world-class quality products. For high-pressure applications, two-three layers of braiding are used. This is highly flexible and generally follows the movement of the hose. We assure the quality of our products with the help of strict supervision of quality auditors and they make sure not a single flaw goes unchecked.

Unique Features Of Our SS Wire Braided Flexible Hose:

  • You won’t have to tackle any problem of misalignment
  • Vibration and noise from compressors, engines and pumps will be absorbed
  • Corrosion-resistant and also resistant to penetration, abrasion and moisture
  • Easily compensates for contraction of piping and thermal expansion
  • High physical strength and also very lightweight
  • Flexible usage and can be used where rigid pipe doesn’t work

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