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manufacturers & suppliers of universal bellows

Universal bellows are considered to be the widely used industrial bellows amongst the large range of industrial sectors. We are manufacturing the large range of universal bellows that are completely designed to suit the distinct requirements of a diverse range of industries. We have employed a couple of expert professionals who are proficient in investing the diverse range of industrial bellows by blending the latest technology. We are constantly upgrading our industrial bellows along with the advanced technology introduced in the market. We promise to provide the best quality of goods along with the newly introduced technology. We guarantee the diverse range of industrial bellows that range the most popular universal bellows to high tech ANFD bellows. We are offering the best kind of products at the best rates.

Our newly introduced universal bellows are designed to meet the large range of industrial applications at the different industrial sectors. The universal bellows manufactured at our production unit are flexible for providing different kinds of movements including lateral movements, angular movements and axial movements. We are offering the best quality of universal bellows that are specially designed to meet the diverse requirements of different kinds of industrial units.

Universal Bellows

Features :

  • Decrease vibration of applications
  • Resisting the highest thermal expand
  • Highly advanced technology
  • Effective because of the sturdiness
  • Balances lateral and angular


  • Industrial OEM equipments
  • Train braking system
  • Mining and coal industry
  • Areo space and Compactors
  • Marine engineering
  • Used in cement plant

Universal Expansion Bellows


  • Easy operations for different application
  • Created by using high end technologies
  • Designed with high end technologies
  • Easy to assemble, operation and maintain
  • Provides utmost protection against damage
  • Increase overall revenue of the allotted project

Universal Expanison Bellow Joint