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manufacturers & suppliers of flexible hose bellows

As the name itself suggests this kind of bellows are very flexible in nature. Flexible Hose Bellows are having a strong quality of variable features that make it the most versatile bellows in these days. Blending with the high end technology, Flexible Hose Bellows are serving the best performance to the thousands of industries Worldwide. Here we are listing few names of industries that are getting immense benefits of Flexible Hose Bellows at their different levels of operations. Range of industries that are using Flexible Hose Bellows: Mining and tunnelling technology, Renewable energies, Machine constructing industry, Pipe line and pipe storage.

Apart from the above list of industries that are getting immense benefits of Flexible Hose Bellows, we are also offering a huge range of industrial bellows like Flexible Hose Bellows that are widely used by the hundreds of industrial sectors for increasing the performance of their applications. Also, there are thousands of applications that are constantly equipped with the high quality of Flexible Hose Bellows for having better operative functions.

Flexible Hose Bellows

Features :

  • Best angular and axial movements
  • Work upto hours continuously
  • Highly advanced technology
  • Effective because of the sturdiness
  • Absorbs vibration and shock


  • Marine engineering
  • Aero space
  • Mining and coal industry
  • Chemical Plant
  • Marine engineering
  • Tyre Plant

Flexible Hose


  • Balances the axial, lateral and angular movements
  • Helps in performing smooth operations
  • Easy to assemble, operation and maintain
  • Decrease the cost of maintenance
  • Provides utmost protection against damage
  • Increase overall revenue of the allotted project

SS Hose