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manufacturers & suppliers of rectangular bellows

As the name itself suggest, it is the best kind of bellows available in rectangular shape. Rectangular bellows are the second most running industrial bellows after universal bellows and metallic bellows. You can find out different kinds of rectangular bellows at a wide range of industries that includes aero space and aeronautics, pharmacy, oil and gas industries, transportation equipments, piping systems, medical machinery and many others. We are offering a varied array of industrial bellows that are combined with a wide range of materials to meet your requirements. Also, we are manufacturing distinct variety of industrial bellows such as Compressor bellows, ANFD bellows, Flexible Hose Bellows, Single Axial bellows, Welded bellows, Stainless steel bellows, Current transformer bellows, Safety Valve Bellows, Rectangular bellows.

We are having a skilled team of professionals who are constantly inventing the latest methods of manufacturing distinct and diverse range of industrial bellows. All our bellows are manufactured to meet the endless solutions of the different kinds of industries. We are also providing these different types of industrial bellows at affordable costs in order to support the industrial developments in different sectors. We are having a long list of industrial clientele that covers the countries like USA, Ireland, Australia, Canada and many others.

Rectangular Bellows

Features :

  • Latest techniques exhaust manifolds
  • Work upto hours continuously
  • Rectangular bellows for life time
  • Highly advanced technology
  • Effective because of the sturdiness
  • Absorbs vibration and shock


  • Industrial OEM equipments
  • Cement Plant
  • Mining and coal industry
  • Sugar Plant and Compactors
  • Marine engineering
  • Steel Plant

Rectangal Bellows


  • Increase overall revenue of the allotted project
  • Designed with high end technologies
  • Designed with high end technologies
  • Decrease the cost of maintenance
  • Provides utmost protection against damage
  • Increase overall revenue of the allotted project

Small Rectangular Bellows