Types Of Industrial Bellows You Can Find

Industrial Bellows are designed to be used for the free movement of the spring without causing leakage. Their expansion or contraction is used as an actuator that helps to control a certain movement. Vallabh Engineers is one of the best Industrial Bellow Manufacturers that you can consider for buying different types of industrial bellows. To know what different types we have, have a look below, as a few of them we've mentioned here.

  • Expansion Bellow: One major and highly demanded Bellow in our list is Expansion Bellow that’s known for its flexibility and different uses. These come in circular tube forms and can be compressed or extend forward as per the pressure. These safely absorb dimensional changes and can withstand tough conditions, which increases their demand in different applications.
  • Metallic Bellow: These are mainly designed to be used in medical industries and help to balance the axial, lateral and angular movements. You can easily avail them in different designs and other configurations, as per the need of your industry or specific application.
  • Axial Bellow: These don’t change the direction of the flow, which ensure that it doesn’t break within the operations. These last for a lifetime and are available in different specifications.

Apart from the mentioned above, we have several other types of bellows that you can explore on our website and order accordingly. As one of the preeminent Expansion Bellow Manufacturers, we promise to meet your bulk orders without any delays. Send us your enquiry or call to know more.

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