Common Types Of Expansion Joints

Expansion Joint is a simple structural assembly made especially for managing the stress and dimensional changes. These changes are caused by:

  • Thermal expansion and contraction
  • Different movements caused by seismic waves and wind

This expansion joint acts as a heat and vibration absorber, which plays a crucial role in preventing the building parts falling out. Moreover, these are mainly made of metal and you can avail them from Vallabh Engineers – one of the most trusted Expansion Joints Manufacturers at industry leading prices. Some of its common types that we have in our bag to offer are:

  • Hinged Expansion Joint: Used to absorb lateral deflections in a single plane undergoing thermal expansion as well as contraction.
  • Axial Expansion Joint: It is designed to absorb longitudinal deflections and allow movements in all the directions without altering the flow direction.
  • Metallic Expansion Joint: It’s the last but not the least in our list and is important of all types as it can absorb different deflections and is mainly used in the pipework.

If you want to buy any of these types in desired configurations, give us a call. Being one of the topmost Bellows Manufacturers, we are right here to explain all the technical details you need to be aware of. Along with the best quality, we also guarantee the best possible customer support. So, contact to be part of our clientele now.

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