Common Metal Bellow Applications

Being a flexible seal, Metal Bellow is designed to be used in piping systems and flanges and has tremendous market demand. Thanks to its robustness and high reliability, it lasts for years and handles diverse challenges and environments. Vallabh Engineers is one of the most determined Metal Bellow Manufacturers. Metal Bellow undeniably has a large number of applications, and below you will find a few. Read before you buy.

Metal Bellow

  • Mechanical Seals: Used for closing the inside of a pump, it gets mounted on the pump shaft to prevent leakage. Due to its flexibility, it ensures better performance despite the pressure during operation.
  • Valve Sealing: Another most common application of a Metal Bellow is value sealing, where it gets used between the housing and the rising stem to seal the inside.
  • Pipe Expansion Joint: In such applications, Metal Bellows absorb thermal movement and vibrations within the piping systems, used for transporting exhaust gases, steam and other high-temperature media.

If you are involved in any application where there is a need for Metal Bellow, head straight to us. Being one of the trusted Exhaust Bellow Manufacturers, we offer a wide range of Industrial Bellows to cater to your distinct needs. To enquire more, fill the enquiry form or call our experts now.

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