Choosing An Expansion Joint - The Material Matters

Just like any industrial product, choosing an expansion joint requires great knowledge and understanding of its applications under different conditions. You should know about the impacts, temperatures and other conditions that it would have to bear in order to perform the task expected from it. Expansion Joint Manufacturers across the world have come a long way and offer these joints in a variety of materials, shapes, sizes etc. While it is easy to guess the size and shape you require it in, the question of material still puzzles many. Not for once should you think that the material doesn’t matter, it absolutely does and there are several reasons for it:

  • Temperature Fluctuations - Expansion joints often need to withstand extreme fluctuations in temperature of the material they are carrying. This demands the material to be elastic and capable of relieving stress almost immediately at times. But the movement required is hardly more than 1 inch and that’s why you need not limit your choices to joints built with rubber or foam.
  • Location - This might sound awfully obvious and clear but many people still don’t consider it enough. The location also impacts the performance of the product immensely and you should consider the tiniest detail of that location which directly or indirectly affects the product.
  • Impact Resistance - Industrial spaces are rough and everything in these facilities should be robust enough to bear abrasive materials and high impacts.

This is the reason Vallabh Engineers is recognized as one of the most renowned Pipe Expansion Joints Manufacturers and we have earned this reputation by delivering superior quality products. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and we will deliver the right product to your facility within a few days.

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