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manufacturers & suppliers of swivel flange bellows

Swivel flange bellows are the best type of bellows to use for different kinds of industrial applications. Right from food processing industries to highly advanced aeronautics, swivel flange bellows are widely used by various industrial sectors. Also, for getting the best quality of industrial bellows, all you need is to find out the best manufacturer of industrial swivel flange bellows. And we are Vallabh engineers who are pioneer in manufacturing as well as exporting high quality of bellows for thousands of our clients across the world. We are expert in producing highest quality of industrial bellows including swivel flange bellows for various industrial sectors. There are many industries such as oil and gas industries, mining industries, food industries, transporting industries, automotive, aero space and aeronautics are some of the few names of industrial sectors that are widely depending on swivel flange bellows for their regular operations.

Our company is highly specialized in producing highly innovative and user friendly industrial bellows for the varied range of industries. We are expert in producing a wide range of industrial products that are providing a great contribution in the overall development of various industrial units. Also, we are offer great purchase price and great deals to our clients in order to serve them with our highly innovative technologies at very unbeatable rates.

Features :

  • Sturdy and durable raw materials
  • Work upto hours continuously
  • Rectangular bellows for life time
  • Highly advanced technology
  • Effective because of the sturdiness
  • Absorbs vibration and shock


  • Industrial OEM equipments
  • Train braking system
  • Mining and coal industry
  • Areo space and Compactors
  • Marine engineering
  • Media compatibility

Metallic Expanison Bellows


  • Highly effective for medical industries
  • Created by using high end technologies
  • Designed with high end technologies
  • Balances axial, lateral and angular movements
  • Provides utmost protection against damage
  • Increase overall revenue of the allotted project

Universal Bellows