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manufacturers & suppliers of current transformer bellows

We are a leading producer of industrial bellows that are widely used across the world. We are constantly introducing different kinds of industrial bellows that are designed in accord with the invention of latest technology. We are manufacturing as well as supplying a varied range of industrial bellows that include universal bellows, current transformer bellows, exhaust bellows, expansion bellows, Safety Valve Bellows, metal bellows, swivel bellows, rectangular bellows, SS bellows and the list is endless. All our products are available after passing the strict quality test. We are having a strong policy of quality control that enables to maintain the quality of the products as well as ensuring the clients for the best quality of products. Hence, we promise the best quality of industrial bellows that ensures long lasting performance to millions of industrial units Worldwide.

Current transformer bellows are one of the best products that we manufactured on the regular basis. These kinds of industrial bellows are widely used in various industries that are daily dealing with current transforming at their industrial units. Also, we are having a special team of electronic and electrical engineers that are helping our clients in assembling and learning the functions of current transformer bellows.

Features :

  • Overload switch protects pumping
  • Zero leakage and zero contamination
  • Good Life Cycle
  • High reliability insulation system
  • Bellows for positive containment
  • Absorbs vibration and shock


  • Instrument Transformer
  • Heavy duty industries
  • Compressors
  • Train braking system
  • Heavy duty industries
  • Compactors

Exhaust Bellows


  • Performing smooth industrial operations
  • Adjust stress of contraction and expansion
  • Protection against damage of the various parts
  • Highly sealed by flanges
  • Highly advanced technology
  • Helps in performing smooth industrial operations

Expansion Bellows